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The Fit Paddling®  board is a tool used for fitness and rehabilitation in water created and designed by Fulvio Fina, four time overall Italian C1 champion from 2002 to 2005, F.I.C.K. approved coach and trainer.

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The board is constructed out of polyethylene by a rotational technique, which makes Fit Paddling ® an indestructible and unique product .Your purchase will last for many years and there will be no need for any maintenance for cracks or breaks. The large non-slip pad that covers the top is comfortable and is designed and conceived for calisthenics and optimized for kayak paddling and SUP. The sides are shaped to allow optimum control of the board with your feet and your body.

The underwater surface of the Board is equipped with two large drifts designed and planned to ensure a progressive stability and resistance exercises.

The special construction of the hull makes the board ideal for kayak paddling, SUP and performing calisthenics. The particular shape of the board allows it to be stored vertically. The fin also has a hole that allows the use of a chain for storage.

Technical data


Length: 190cm

Width: 87cm

Weight: 19kg

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You can customize your fleet of boards by choosing from 11 colors. Specify the color in your order. The colors in stock are lime green, yellow and blue.



Technology and Design
The Fit Paddling® board is equipped with accessories and custom attachments designed for your every need. Choose the attachment that best suits you- with the quick anchoring systems it is not necessary to perform any invasive intervention on the edge of the pool. Our fitness board is the only one in the world that uses the “Classic hitch” which is designed and engineered specifically for Fit Paddling®.

Double Lane Attachment

The Double Lane Attachment is composed of two belts.
It is the ideal anchor for people who want to use the board between two lanes or for those who want to use more lanes.


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Suction Cup Attachment

The Coupler suction cup is composed of a flexible suction device designed for Fit Paddling® and a belt for the fixing of the stern to the lane. Ideal anchoring for those who want to use the boards between the edge of the pool and the first lane (to use the classic attachment the vertical surface of the edge of the pool must be coated with smooth tiles 11×11).

Attachment suction cup is made by numerical control machines with very high precision.

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 Universal Coupling

The universal coupling is composed of a plate of plastic material fixed to the edge of the pool.


It is the ideal anchor for pool edges with surfaces that are made of rough mosaic tiles, or surfaces covered in soft cloth. With the installation of a plate of plastic material, the suction cup adheres perfectly and anchors the board.

Custom Attachments

We design custom attachments ideal for environments such as:
• seas/oceans
• lakes
• pools of different sizes and with particular edges

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